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Customers familiar with generators, often find that these valuable assets are too intimidating for their maintenance staff to maintain, troubleshoot and fix.  Electricians are not diesel mechanics and therefore cannot handle even the most basic engine issues. That said, companies unwilling to risk their valuable cargo, are often forced to hire extremely expensive, factory support technicians to conduct even the most routine service.

Since Power Pool Plus manufacturers its own solutions and has direct relations with the leading diesel engine and generator companies, it brings the best of both worlds to generator services – the expertise expected from factory technicians, yet the pricing and service one would expect from a local provider.

Many customers, who have generator solutions from a host of manufacturers (CAT, Cummins, Doosan, Kohler, Volvo, MTU, etc.,) rely on the expertise of Power Pool Plus to ensure their units work when they are needed.  That means service technicians visiting the unit in the field, in the port, or on the ship. Or for major issues, sending their units to our factory service center for refurbishment/re-build.

While others may understand typical standby generator applications, Power Pool Plus understands the refrigerated transport industry. We provide the right products and services with the harsh marine environment in mind.

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  • Decades of electrical & mechanical expertise
  • In field, in port, on ship
  • Pricing and service expected from local provider