Product Rentals

Product Rentals

Rental Equipment. Flexible Capacity.

Our rentals are built specifically for the refrigerated transport industry. From 10 receptacle through 40 receptacle units, Power Pool Plus has “rental tough” solutions available weekly, monthly, yearly, or multi-yearly.

At Power Pool Plus you won’t be locked into a one size fits all rental solution.  We can custom build a rental unit that will efficiently fit into your operation.

Your need for remote power and refrigerated containers varies with the harvesting or other seasonal shipping schedules. Power Pool Plus can help. The same great products that fill your normal demand can also be rented to meet your peak demand.

Portable Power Generation: PortaPack™ – available in standard and custom configurations
Refrigerated Containers: Power Pack – available in a range of standard and custom configurations.

**Interested in learning more about Power Pool Plus’s rentals? Please send a note to or call us at (908) 454-1124.

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