PortaPacks™. Onsite. Anywhere.

Designed for an operator to put the machine on site, in any terminal or field location available, without having to specially design and construct areas for reefer storage and operation. Additionally, these units are not as costly or complex as our normal large Power Pack solution. The PortaPack™ is available in configurations of 10, 15, or 20 receptacles to support up to 20 reefer units at the same time.

The power generation units are housed in low sound enclosures, and trailer mounted with a variety of exhaust and environmental systems available to meet each operator’s needs. The complete PortaPack™ unit can be moved around by way of a tow hook equipped yard truck or personnel truck, and put into operation without the need for any further electrical or power supply personnel. While the unit’s design function is centered around power for refrigerated machinery, the unit has the ability to support other power needs around the terminal. As an option, the machine can be configured with dual voltage output so that it can be used as a “normal” generator for building standby needs.

At Power Pool Plus, we understand that many operations have needs that may not match our standard product offerings.  Learn more about our Custom Options, or please contact us to address your unique situation.

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The 10 Receptacle (P-100NEP). Small Size. Many Features.

Designed for the small operators needs, the P-100NEP is our smallest PortaPack™, with many of the features our customers want and need. Some include large fuel tanks, integrated receptacle panels, and highly fuel-efficient engines. Applications for this solution include large port operators with a temporary “ground power” outage.
125kW PRIME, 4 Cycle, Heavy duty, Non-EPA Certified, suitable for operation on #2 Diesel, equipped with:

  • Solenoid Engaged Starter Motor
  • Battery Charging Alternator
  • Dry Air Cleaner
  • Electronic Governor
  • Jacket Water with Thermostat
  • Lube Oil Pump with Spin-on Filter
  • Blower Fan

Brushless, Single Bearing, Class H Insulation, Directly Coupled to Engine

  • 4 Pole Rotating Field
  • Full Amotisseur Windings
  • PMG to Ensure 300% Short Circuit Current During Fault Condition
  • Solid State Voltage Regulator, Less Than 1% Regulations

DOT Approved, with Electric Brakes

  • 10-Gang, Tongue Mounted ESL Receptacle Panel
  • 125 Gallon, Single-Wall Fuel Tank
  • Controls, Auto Start, Unit-Mounted Digital Panel 5310 Controller
  • SUB-BASE, Heavy Duty Steel, with Lifting Provisions