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Power Pool Plus prides itself on being the only place you need to go for all of your power needs. We offer a variety of products to meet the demands of the refrigerated transport industry.

Power solutions for your refrigerated transportation requirements are a big investment – making an understanding of the harsh port environment critical when evaluating proposals for these important assets. While using cost-competitive solutions such as non-marine grade components can be less expensive, it is important to recognize that such “short cuts” may ultimately cost you more.

Portable Power Generation: PortaPack™ >>

PortaPacks™ are designed for an operator to put on site, in any terminal, field location, or anywhere supplemental power is needed. Additionally, these units are an inexpensive, fuel efficient power solution for any operation. The PortaPack™ is available in configurations of 10, 15, or 20 receptacles to support up to 20 reefer units at the same time. Custom solutions are available to fit your needs. Read More >>

Refrigerated Containers: Power Pack >>

Power Packs are designed for the serious refrigerated container operator and are available in 30 or 40+ receptacle configurations to support 40+ refrigerated containers. Big and tough, they offer powerful solutions that are hard to match. Typically these units ship in our ISO 20′ container, with integrated receptacles, and 800-1000 gallon, baffled, fuel tanks because it allows them to be moved more quickly around the port with standard moving equipment. Custom solutions are available to fit your needs. Read More >>

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Rentals >>

Only need power on a seasonal basis? No problem. We maintain a fleet of rental equipment designed to meet your temporary needs. Learn More…

Used Product Sales >>

Mechanically inspected and tested by our experienced service team, our full line of used equipment includes towable 10-20 plug units to containerized 30 and 40 plug Power Pack configurations. All designed to meet your needs while maintaining budget requirements. Learn More…

Custom Solutions >>

Need the peace of mind of twin engine backup? We can build that. How about a 40′ trailer mounted 60 plug power plant? We can do that too. In fact, talk with us about your needs and we can quote a “Purpose Built” unit designed just for you. Learn More…

Parts >>

Since Power Pool Plus manufacturers power solutions, we have the necessary expertise to understand the right parts, for the right job. Learn More…