The 10 Receptacle (P-100NEP). Small Size. Many Features.

Designed for the small operators needs, the P-100NEP is our smallest PortaPack™, with many of the features our customers want and need. Some include large fuel tanks, integrated receptacle panels, and highly fuel-efficient engines. Applications for this solution include large port operators with a temporary “ground power” outage.
125kW PRIME, 4 Cycle, Heavy duty, Non-EPA Certified, suitable for operation on #2 Diesel, equipped with:

  • Solenoid Engaged Starter Motor
  • Battery Charging Alternator
  • Dry Air Cleaner
  • Electronic Governor
  • Jacket Water with Thermostat
  • Lube Oil Pump with Spin-on Filter
  • Blower Fan

Brushless, Single Bearing, Class H Insulation, Directly Coupled to Engine

  • 4 Pole Rotating Field
  • Full Amotisseur Windings
  • PMG to Ensure 300% Short Circuit Current During Fault Condition
  • Solid State Voltage Regulator, Less Than 1% Regulations

DOT Approved, with Electric Brakes

  • 10-Gang, Tongue Mounted ESL Receptacle Panel
  • 125 Gallon, Single-Wall Fuel Tank
  • Controls, Auto Start, Unit-Mounted Digital Panel 5310 Controller
  • SUB-BASE, Heavy Duty Steel, with Lifting Provisions

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