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Shipping Lines

Shipping Lines. A Purpose Built Case in Point.

In looking to expand its operation, a Central American Shipping Company wanted to use an additional port for its operations, however it lacked access to enough ground power.  Additionally, at times the “other” port the shipper was using would become inundated with refrigerated containers, requiring additional power.  Lastly, the barge used to shuttle containers between the two ports also required a power pack solution with a large fuel tank, since occasionally the containers would sit on the barge over a weekend.

Power Pool Plus supplied PP300E’s and PP400E’s to meet the need. The customer noted the value of the Power Pool Plus solution immediately vs. the general-purpose generators he was trying to use for his application:

  • The ISO container mounted solution was easy for the shipping line to move within the port, on and off the barge, using standard port equipment.
  • The competitions general-purpose generator was mounted on a flat rack with remote trees, but was too high and therefore chained to a trailer, requiring a truck to move, and a crane and chains to load and unload off the barge.
  • The large 1000-gallon fuel tank prevented the line from having to pay for weekend fuel deliveries, considered “emergency” service from the fuel company at premium cost per gallon.
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