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Port Operations


Port Operations. A Purpose Built Case in Point.

While having access to over 400 plugs of ground power, and after purchasing two power packs from Power Pool Plus, the operator assumed he had enough available power options to meet the needs of his operation. During a holiday (shortened week) one ship came into the port early and a different ship was late departing, leaving the port operator with more containers than he had accessible power to support.

The operator was able to call on Power Pool Plus to deliver additional PortaPack rental units the next day to meet the peak volumes of his very profitable reefer business.   What made this solution so effective was the mobility of the PortaPack.  Each unit could be easily repositioned around the yard to locations where they were most needed.  The ability to bring power to the reefers saved the port operator labor time and other associated costs from unnecessary container handling.

Standard PortaPacks are available in 10,15, or 20 plug configurations.  For more information on the P3 line of PortaPacks, click here.

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