Our Market Edge

Our Market Edge


Power Pool Plus is the
Key to our Clients’ Success.

  • Experience – We Know Diesel Engines – We Know Generators – We Know Your Market, 20+ Years of building Power Packs and gaining experience with Cummins, Perkins, Caterpillar, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, and John Deere Engines.
  • International Presence – While Power Pool Plus has a strong representation in ports throughout the United States, our products can also be found in the ports and growing fields of Central America, South America, and Caribbean Islands.
  • Durable Products Power Pool Plus products are built to withstand the harshest environments – from the hot and humid banana growing fields of Central America to the rough and tumble conditions of New York City Ports.
  • Made in USA – Constructed with quality and care from custom fabricated components specifically designed to meet the demands of the refrigerated transportation market.
  • Our Products Are ‘Purpose Built’ – Designed solely to be used in the harsh environments in which you operate. Your business is our focus and our products reflect this fact!

The Tough Business of Ports.

The fact is, ports are busy places, and the faster things get done, the more profitable the business becomes. ANY deviation from the standard assembly-line process, is a MAJOR issue to the port’s smooth operation. Companies try to save money by taking the low-cost offer, but soon find the operational costs are very high when using inferior solutions.   That’s where we come in, with products designed specifically for this environment.

Convenient, Hassle-Free Operation.

Power Pool Plus creates best-in-class solutions that are easy-to-manage and maintain, and last long in the field.  Occasionally customers will want a Power Pack without all of the Power Pool Plus features and capabilities to meet the needs of their particular application. While we are willing to accommodate all sorts of requirements, we will advise you against short-term solutions that may cost you more later.  Purchasing or renting a power pack is a large investment, and attempting to cut costs by reducing airflow or using a small radiator, can significantly limit the lifespan, resulting in wasted time and money. Power Pool Plus is not in the business of inferior solutions, offering only designs and products that are built to last and best meet your needs.

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