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Power Pool Plus (P3) has been a leading supplier of power generation systems since 1990. Since then we have built a strong reputation in the refrigerated transport industry as the company to turn to for power pack rentals, sales, and service. Whether aboard ships or on the ground at ports, our rental fleet of 10, 15, and 20 receptacle PortaPacks, and 30 and 40 receptacle Power Packs will be found throughout the world powering the seasonal needs of refrigerated transportation.

Our relationships with port operators, shippers, and fruit growers enable us to recognize that not one solution can fit the very diverse needs of our customers. Power Pool Plus specifically manufacturers its products to meet the wide variety of requirements in this market.

The focus of Power Pool Plus is solely on the markets
in which you operate:

Our team of engineers and technicians are highly skilled in every aspect of Power Pack construction. We specialize in Cummins and Perkins diesel engines and also have experience in handling a multitude of other engine makes as well.

Power Pool Plus confidently has the products, personnel, and experience to offer a “Purpose Built” solution to meet your specific power generation requirements.

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Our Mission

To provide power generation to the refrigerated transportation industry in a purpose built manner that offers solutions to unique market problems in ports, on ships, over the road, or in the growing fields of the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands.