Worn Out Power Packs Returned to Like-New Condition

Worn Out Power Packs Returned to Like-New Condition

Our team has the ability to re-manufacture tired, worn, or damaged power packs of any make or model. From blown engines and failed generators to damaged receptacle panels and crushed containers, we will work within your budget requirements to re-build your existing unit in order to save you both time and money.

From an original Power Pool Plus Newsletter Dated 11, June 2014

Worn Out Power Packs Returned to Like-New Condition
Since 1990 Power Pool Plus has built custom power packs to meet any need and function for the refrigerated transportation industry.

Our team has earned a reputation over the years for using quality components, proven design, and experienced craftsmanship. In addition to offering power pack sales and rentals, Power Pool Plus offers other services as well.

Power Pack Re-Manufacturing by Power Pool Plus

Read on to learn how Power Pool Plus can help turn your aging fleet of power packs back into like new condition – inside and out.

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The following example is of a recent Power Pack Re-Build

After being shipped to our facility for evaluation, it was discovered that this power pack needed generator replacement, the engine and radiator were leaking fluids, and the container itself was damaged.

While many components needed repair or replacement, many parts still had serviceable life remaining. In this case we were able to develop a cost saving solution to re-build this power pack with re-manufactured components, existing parts, and where needed, new products. Not only did this process save the customer money compared to buying new, it also saved them time, by getting them a completed power pack in half the time that it would take to order new.

Project Details Included:

  • Getting Started: Complete removal of all interior components including end frame

  • Container: New container was provided and fabricated to Power Pool Plus design specifications

  • Engine: Overhauled in our shop with all new wear parts, cleaned and tested

  • Radiator: Re-cored to provide better efficiency and cooling

    • Re-coring is the process of re-fitting the inside coils with new components

    • Radiators are a key component in Power Pack operation. Whenever possible Power Pool Plus will resource the best possible solution to ensure proper cooling capabilities that exceed customer requirements.

  • Generator: Re-built and baked with new tropical coatings to protect the windings from excessive moisture

  • Fuel Tank: Inspected for damage. Optional service, if necessary, to cut open for interior mechanical cleaning in the event of an excessive algae build-up scenario.

  • Lighting: Increased number of fixtures and upgraded all lighting to high intensity, LED lamps. A critical feature to those that will be servicing the unit.

  • End Frame: In this scenario we were able to save the end frame and integrated receptacle panel from the original unit for re-use. This helped us to save the customer $1000′s in replacement costs.

  • Improvements: During this process we were also able to recommend to the customer specific areas where Power Pack performance could be enhanced.

    • In this case, the original unit provided insufficient air flow for proper cooling and engine operation. The original container was entirely closed providing no access to service large components; such as, radiator, silencer, engine, or generator, without compromising the box through cutting, re-welding, and painting.

    • Customer agreed to have us incorporate additional rain proof exhaust louvers and access doors per current Power Pool Plus design. This ensured easy accessibility for maintenance which will extend the service life of the machine.

  • Cosmetic Improvement: Freshly painted both inside and out. It’s not just about looking good.

    • Having a clean, freshly painted Power pack not only looks nice, but it ensures a solid base protection from the elements by mitigating the negative effects of rust and corrosion.

    • Interior painting provides extra bright visibility inside the machine which not only aids in maintenance service, but also helps to visually identify potential leaks.

Power Pack Re-Manufacturing by Power Pool Plus Power Pack Re-Manufacturing by Power Pool Plus

Power Pack Re-Manufacturing by Power Pool Plus Power Pack Remanufacturing by Power Pool Plus

Power Pack Remanufacturing by Power Pool Plus Power Pack Re-manufacturing by Power Pool Plus

 Power Pack Re-manufacturing by Power Pool Plus Power Pack Re-manufacturing by Power Pool Plus

This is just one example of the type of work that Power Pool Plus can do for your aged or damaged fleet of Power Packs.

Whether the need is simply a new receptacle panel or a complete power pack re-build, Power Pool Plus can build a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Rental power packs are also available to keep your operation at full capacity while your unit is with us for repair.

Contact Power Pool Plus to learn more about New Power Pack Sales, Rental Opportunities, Service Support, and our Re-Manufacturing capabilities.

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