What’s a Mobile Reefer Yard?

What’s a Mobile Reefer Yard?

The Mobile Reefer Yard

The Power Pool Plus Mobile Reefer Yard The Power Pool Plus Mobile Reefer Yard - Design

What It Is
Defined as an entire reefer yard in a box, this highly mobile power generation solution is designed to provide the necessary power to operate 80 to over 500+ reefer containers.

Imagine an entire reefer yard of power (at 100 plugs each) arriving at your facility in 2 containers and deployed in one day!

How it Works
The Power Pool Plus Mobile Reefer Yard consists of a series of remote receptacle trees, or panels, that are distributed across your yard. A single power module provides the necessary output to energize the plug count for a given layout.

Why it’s a Smart Reefer Power Solution
The Mobile Reefer Yard enables companies to enter the profitable reefer trade, or expand an existing operation, without the need for large capital investments. It is also fractionally less expensive per plug to operate compared to alternative diesel powered options.

Who Can Benefit from a Mobile Reefer Yard

Power Pool Plus - Ports ImageExpanding Ports
Can maintain reefer throughput during construction by quickly and easily relocating power as needed while avoiding disruptions in service.



Canary Melons - Power Pool Plus Seasonal OperationsSeasonal Operators
Can manage periodic increases in reefer traffic without the need for expensive infrastructure.




New Port Opportunities - Power Pool PlusPorts Seeking New Business Opportunities
Can become an instant player in the movement of refrigerated cargo.




Power for Emergencies - Power Pool Plus Mobile Reefer YardEmergency Management
Not just for reefer power – these high power modules can also be used as stand-by power for buildings during and after emergency events.




Is a Mobile Reefer Yard right for your operation?
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Mobile Reefer Yard

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