The Power to Manage Port Construction Projects

The Power to Manage Port Construction Projects

How does your team manage reefer throughput during disruptive port construction projects?

Maintaining reefer throughput and achieving business financial objectives, while at the same time meeting customer expectations, can seem like an impossible juggling act. As port construction projects are in the news every day, it is clear that at some time or another, most port operators will need to deal with this reality.

The ongoing challenge during such construction projects is how to keep refrigerated containers near an available power grid. This poses a number of questions.

  • Does it make sense to temporarily move the entire reefer yard to another section of the terminal?
  • Is there enough room and is it still easily accessible?
  • Due to space constraints, is it better to split the loads across several areas of the terminal? And would this only add a level of complexity making it more difficult to manage?

In any case, developing an interim yard layout based on your container throughput needs, space limitations, and power requirements must to be part of the planning.

Options for temporary power might include the traditional 40-plug power pack. While this could easily work in many small environments, larger operations that typically handle 100 or more reefers at a time may face added challenges in assembling so many containers and still remain within cord length of the power pack.

If this is the situation that you are facing, would a temporary, roll-out, mobile reefer yard of 100 – 500+ plugs help your operation?

The Mobile Reefer Yard

A High Plug-Count, Rapid Deployment, Power Solution for the entire terminal that is uniquely designed for versatility.

Defined as “An Entire Reefer Yard in a Box”, each of these highly mobile power generation solutions is designed to provide the necessary power to operate 100 reefer containers. An entire reefer yard worth of power shipped in two containers and installed in one day!

Imagine the value of 300 to 500+ plugs quickly deployed to meet the temporary demand of any reefer operation.

Download the Mobile Reefer Yard Brochure or Contact us to learn more.

Mobile Reefer Yard?

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